How to download games from .torrent files?

One of the most popular torrent clients is uTorrent, which after many controversies returns to the arena with uTorrent Web, an interesting proposal in which you do not need to completely download the video or music file to see it, but you can open it online to stream it to as the download completes.

The first thing we will do is download uTorrent (Web version or classic version) from the official page: (Both versions can be used for free).

I recommend using uTorrent Web

Once we have installed the uTorrent application of our preference, we will open it (in the case of uTorrent Web, a new tab will open in the browser) and we will add the .torrent file by clicking the following buttons, in case the download is a torrent magnetic, the application will add the torrent automatically:

Download from uTorrent Web

Download from uTorrent Classic

Once the download is complete, you can remove the file from the uTorrent download queue.